I have always loved the beauty and power of the written word. As a young girl, one of my greatest pleasures was to go to the library and return home with a stack of books. I would immerse myself in distant lands and interact with people I would never otherwise encounter, marveling at the prose that brought these stories to life. Naturally, I became an English major in college, where I honed my own writing and analytical skills.

At Harvard Law School, I learned to appreciate the power of writing in a different way: as a tool to effect change and persuade others. Upon graduation, I became a commercial real estate attorney at a major NYC law firm. Once again, I was exposed to a different aspect of writing. Drafting leases and other types of contracts taught me that the interpretation of a provision could hinge on the selection of a single word, requiring each sentence to be structured with painstaking care.

While raising my son and daughter, I served on numerous committees within the Livingston school district. Reviewing PTA scholarship applications gave me insight into the strengths and weaknesses of various candidates, while serving on an advisory committee to the Director of Guidance gave me insight into strategies for improved student learning. I also relentlessly impressed upon my children the need to stretch their vocabularies and structure their thoughts logically, even if it meant more rewriting than they would have liked.

When my son was applying to college, I found myself helping a number of his friends with their college essays. This pattern continued with my daughter’s friends, and when I hired Lisa to be my daughter’s college coach, it seemed natural for me to join her as an essay specialist. Five years later, I continue to take great pleasure in helping students find their voice and structure their stories in compelling and unique ways.

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