I love language and how it developed differently in different regions. I majored in International Studies at Oglethorpe University and had the opportunity to live in Austria and in Switzerland while in college. I continued to explore foreign cultures during my first career with a global airline. Working as a language of destination flight attendant, and later as an instructor for employees from around the world, I was able to examine the disparate ways in which ideas can be expressed.

For me, writing and editing is not a chore, but a challenge. It is fun! However, while encouraging the writing process with international students, and later my own children, I came to realize just how difficult arranging words into ideas can be for so many writers. I began to explore writing techniques that allow frustrated students to express themselves more easily and with more confidence. For many students, just the idea of writing their essay is overwhelming. If I can help eliminate the stress of the process, a true story can evolve.

For all students, the college essay is about telling their story. For students with a unique approach to academics, this story, and this opportunity to illustrate their learning style is both critical and challenging. I joined College bound Mentor to help these students celebrate their differences.

Hate to write? No problem. We can do this!

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