Rebecca Bleich

As a history major at Brandeis University I was drawn to learning about different stories from folklore and mythology. Most of my undergrad career was spent hunting down obscure tales and analyzing storytelling structure.

After earning my Master’s Degree in Education at Boston University, I taught English as a Second Language with a particular focus on writing skills. As part of the process I’ve worked together with students to learn editorial skills to revise and improve their work over several iterations.

Helping people communicate their ideas has always been an important part of my work. Teaching graduate school courses and tutoring international students at Northeastern University has given me the chance to help students from all over the world with their academic writing skills.

Some of my favorite parts of teaching revolve around demystifying the writing process. I truly believe that anyone can learn how to be an effective writer if they’re given the right instruction. My goal is to help students become confident writers regardless of their educational or language backgrounds.

When I’m not editing essays or teaching English, I spend my free time reading, writing fantasy novels, and learning new languages.


Does writing seem like something you’ll never quite master? Let’s tackle it together.

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