Tips for the Aspiring College Athlete

Written by Lisa Bleich

If you are an exceptional high school athlete, you will need to think about how much you want to pursue the sport in college. Below are some tips on how to get on the radar of coaches.

  • Attend athletic showcases or summer sports camps for your sport that will expose you to college coaches at the schools that interest you.
  • Prepare an athletic resume that includes your contact information, coach information, relevant statistics, e.g. event times for swimmers and track, height and weight for basketball, volleyball, and football, etc.
  • Prepare a DVD of your playing your sport.  A full game for football; highlights for lacrosse, soccer, and tennis.
  • Determine if you want to play DI, DII or DIII athletics. Athletic scholarships are available for DI and DII (except for Ivy Leagues), but not for DIII. How much will sports play into your decision? Will you be satisfied playing club or intramural sports?
  • Think about what happens if you get injured. Will you still like the college if you can’t play the sport?
  • Track interested coaches Do these schools align with your other interests?
  • Register with NCAA clearing house, college websites, or sport specific recruiting sites.


Lisa Bleich is founder and president of College Bound Mentor, LLC and the author of Surviving the College Application Process: Case Studies to Help You Find Your Unique Angle for Success.  She mentors students from all over the world on the college application process, helping them uncover their strengths and develop a personal plan for success. She lives in New Jersey with her husband and three daughters. Two of them have successfully survived the college application process!




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