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Written by Lisa Bleich.

16292240472_da74cecfaa_zThe University of Richmond boasts one of the most beautiful college campuses in the country. Set amidst large, forest like trees, along side a lake with charming trails and Gothic brick buildings, you feel as if you have stepped into a storybook college campus. The vistas from the library are breathtaking as it overlooks the lake with floor to ceiling windows.

Academically, Richmond is best known for its top twenty business school and pioneering Leadership Studies Institute. It also has strong programs in economics, politics, pre-law and interdisciplinary studies. Richmond prides itself on high touch teaching and mentorship among its faculty to produce strong leaders and students ready for a successful career.

We had the opportunity to meet with Deans from the Jepson School of Leadership, The Business School and College of Arts and Science who to our delight were all women.

Students get admitted to the University of Richmond and must apply for acceptance into Leadership and Business School once they are students. The business school focuses on the following four areas:

  • International Focus. Half the juniors study abroad and 61 students are from other countries.
  • Experiential Learning/Professional Development.  Students may have 30 mock interviews before get a job offer. Early sophomore year students go through professional skills boot camp.  Junior year they prepare for internships.
  • Teacher/Scholar Model Most professors have worked in business and have PhDs.
  • Connections to Business and Government. Students spend time on Wall St.  Also have Executive-in-Residence, someone who has retired and looking for a purpose.

Overall, The University of Richmond aims to graduate students who are well versed in the following six areas:

1) Verbal Communication. First Year Seminars focused on reading and writing

2) Work in a Team Structure. In Theater and Dance

3) Solve Problems and Make Decisions. New Science Math and Research Training Course (SMART).

4) Plan, Organize, Prioritize.

5) Process Information.

6) Analyze Quantitative Data. Through undergraduate research and internships.

Student Life

Greek life represents a large part of the social life with 56% of the women joining a sorority and 20-30 % of the men. U of Richmond 1However, there are no houses on campus, so that helps Greek members integrate within the community.

Upon arriving on campus men and women have different and separate convocation ceremony. Women write notes to themselves about what they want to achieve and it’s a very moving ceremony, said our tour guide, a pre-med dancer. 

Richmond also boasts Division I sports, which is unique for a small school. This adds to the spirit of the school. The city of Richmond is only 15 minutes away, which has a population of one million filled with restaurants, cute shops and the capital of the Commonwealth of VA. It’s a thriving city with lots of opportunities to explore and find internships.

Admission and Financial/Merit Aid 

Richmond’s Dean of Admission was refreshingly no-nonsense and transparent about the admission process. Their enrollment strategy is to admit an academically talented and diverse class who appreciate collaborative learning across disciplines.  Richmond’s goal is to prepare students experientially to adapt and assimilate to all changes in career and life to prepare them to ask all the right questions. They also want strong community members.

The overall admit rate is between 30-32% of students. Last year 28% of the class were students of color, 14% first generation students and 85% were from out-of-state. The most represented states are VA, PA, NY, PA. They filled 39% of the class from Early Decision candidates, 60% from Regular Decision and 1% from the waitlist. Institutionally they aim to stay under 40% admitted from early decision.

The average unweighted core GPA (academic classes only) was between 3.54 to 3.94 and mid 50% SATs were 1320-1450 and ACTs between 30-33.

U of Richmond diningRichmond offers numerous merit scholarships to approximately 1/13 of its students ranging from 1/3 of tuition to a full ride. Students interested in being considered for merit scholarships must submit their applications by 12/1. The top 10% of incoming students will be invited to apply for the Richmond Scholars program. There are also community service scholarships, athletic, performing and visual arts scholarships and science scholarships.

The University of Richmond is need blind and meets 100% of demonstrated need with 66% of students receiving some form of aid.


Richmond is a great school for students looking for high touch academics with a commitment to leadership and mentorship. It’s  bucolic, residential, storybook campus on a Lake, but 15 minutes from downtown Richmond is a perfect setting for students interested in strong Greek life, DI athletics and opportunities for leadership.

University of Richmond

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