Wagner College Visit

Wagner has a wonderful location perched atop a hill overlooking Manhattan. The school boasts amazing views from many of the dorm rooms and the student center, however many of the buildings are tired on the inside and in need of upgrading.

There is an eclectic mix of old and new buildings throughout, with a new senior, suite style dorm to alleviate triples in the freshman dorm and a nice fitness facility. The students are a mix of artsy, athletic, and urban chic.

Wagner brings together a diverse student body to match its diverse offerings of strong musical theater, physician assistant, nursing, business, liberal arts and DI sports. The theater program is very competitive only accepting 34 students (17 male and 17 female) per class. It requires an audition for acceptance and students must be strong in two out of three disciplines, e.g. acting, singing and dance. They also have a strong dance program and studios. The nursing program and PA programs are also competitive. For the liberal arts programs, students are part of a Learning Community (LC) first semester freshman year. Students take three inter-disciplinary courses together to help engage them with the college and students.

Most of the students come from a middle class background and Wagner offers 90% of its students merit aid from $7,000 to $22,000 per year. Wagner is a free Staten Island Ferry away from Manhattan making it easy to go into the city for fun and internships. Their big event in the spring is Songfest, which attracts a large crowd and ushers in the spring.

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