West Chester University

West Chester University

Part of the state university system of Pennsylvania.  West Chester University is a medium-large sized school, approximately 14,000 undergraduate students and 2,300 graduate students, 16% from out of state. About 90% of the freshman live on campus.   The school is affordable and competitive with the New Jersey State University System.  Its proximity to Philadelphia is a bonus for the student body.  The school offers a bus service to the city and local attractions such as the King of Prussia Mall. The town of West Chester has a nice downtown feel, and the students can walk there to enjoy the restaurants, shops and bars.

Currently, there is construction going on around campus to accommodate the growth of the school. The campus is pretty with a mix of older granite and stone buildings and newer brick buildings.  The academic center in the center of campus had a more traditional feel while the dorms on the perimeter of the campus had a more modern look. The popular majors are education, business, health sciences including nursing and the natural sciences.   Westchester’s average class size is 25-30 and the student to faculty ratio is 18:1.

The students praise the accessibility of the professors and the feeling of family on campus.  They feel a strong sense of community.  They were very friendly and enthusiastic about the university and all it has to offer.  The LARC Center: Learning Assistance and Resource Center, is home to the tutoring center. Tutors are available for many of the100-200 level courses.  Tutors sit in on “high risk” classes such as Organic Chemistry in order to stay current and help the students master the material.  LARC also offers two sessions each semester of Academic Success Workshops designed to teach students general study skills.

WCU Students


Learning Support/Disability Services


WCPU Disability Services can be categorized as coordinated services with a dedicated staff providing the students the support necessary on an individual basis.  Some of the accommodations and services include a special summer orientation, alternative test taking, priority registration, note-taking support, content tutors, and adaptive technology.  In addition academic coaching is available to help students in building time management, organizational and study skills.

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