Wofford College

College review by Diane Forman

Spartanburg, SC


Wofford College is a small  (1500 students), private, liberal arts college affiliated with the United Methodist Church.  It is designated a national arboretum and is located in Spartanburg in an urban setting.  Competitor schools include Wake Forest and Furman along with Clemson and U of South Carolina. Wofford is known for its competitive academics, close relationships with professors, interdisciplinary courses, and learning communities.  It has a total of 1506 undergraduates, 431 of whom are freshmen.  SAT score ranges are: CR – 560-675, M – 590-680, and W – 545-650.  ACT scores range from 22-28.  Average accepted GPA is 3.49.

There are 26 major fields of study and many students go on to graduate work in law, medicine, health fields, and the ministry.  Wofford offers strong performing and visual arts as well as art history.  The most popular majors are business/marketing and biology.

There are 18 NCAA D I sports (scholarships) and include interesting options such as Ultimate Frisbee, Rifle (it’s the south), golf, and non-tackle football. Wofford’s basketball team has received national recognition, ranked number eight this year and making it to the NCAA basketball tournament.

Students at Wofford are characterized as very southern – dressing in polo and pearls and are mainly Protestant and rich with strong interest in Greek life.  There is not a lot of diversity on campus.  Students are intellectually curious, friendly and outgoing.

Learning Support At Wofford

Basic Services


The level of support at Wofford is basic and best for students who need accommodations but can be self-sufficient. It is housed in Health Services and Dean Wallace, who is a nurse, is the director. Although there are not a large number of resources, the director did say, “We are small enough to make things work”.   There is no academic center on campus but they do have a writing center for all students.  Guide for Students with Disabilities: http://www.wofford.edu/uploadedfiles/studentlife/healthservices/disability%20services%20service%20guide%20fall%202008%20revision.pdf

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