Rutgers College Visit Review

Rutgers University, New Brunswick College Visit Review by Lisa Bleich In 2012 Rutgers began a decade long movement to improve their national reputation and rankings with the appointment of Robert [...]

Rutgers Honors College

Rutgers Honors College Visit Review by Lisa Bleich Rutgers Honors College The Rutgers Honors College was created three years ago and will have its first graduating class in May, 2019.  The Honors [...]

Syracuse University

College review by Lisa Bleich Syracuse feels like a large, state school, with state-of-the art amenities at every turn.  The indoor sports stadium is outstanding and among the four nicest [...]

Washington College

Personalized, engaged learning characterizes Washington College. Set in historic Chestertown, Maryland, this homey campus comprised of mostly low-rise brick buildings is charming and unassuming. [...]

George Washington University

Visited by Lisa Bleich and Beth Cassie May, 2016 We spent a week in Washington DC touring colleges through an international relations/studies lens.  We were fortunate to stay right in the [...]

American University *Update*

Written by Lisa Bleich My overall impressions remained the same as my previous visit, but with several important changes regarding the campus facilities, admissions selectivity, financial aid and [...]

Georgetown University

Visited by Lisa Bleich The students looked happy, attractive, diverse, engaged and excited to be there.  Jaime from admissions described Georgetown students as sociable, friendly, sharp, and [...]

Georgetown University *Updated*

Visited by Abby Power Georgetown oozes history and tradition — the school colors are based on Union and Confederate uniforms, President Obama just gave a speech from the same podium as did [...]

Colgate University *Updated*

College review by Lisa Bleich (1/16) We arrived on Colgate’s campus just as the snow was starting to fall. The campus was just as beautiful as I remembered and my daughter, Kayla, was also [...]