Jamie Rubenstein

Writing did not truly click for me until college. As a Writing Fellow at Barnard, I grew to trust myself as a writer and as an attentive, curious reader of other students’ work. I learned that [...]

Sally Spector

I’ve always been a story fiend. As I kid, I ploughed through hundreds of books: I couldn’t stop until I knew what happened. I had that same enthusiasm for good movies, bad TV, and the one side of [...]

Kristen Finello

I’ve always loved to read—fiction, nonfiction, memoirs, you name it—so I feel fortunate that I’ve been able to enjoy a career working with the written word.  I took my first journalism class as a [...]

Alex Leventhal

Over the last two decades working with applicants, I’ve always appreciated that everybody deserves a fresh approach because personal interests, writing styles, interview presence and levels of [...]

Stefanie Forman

I want clients to feel seen and heard. They all have a story to tell, and I am passionate about helping them find the college where their story can continue to evolve. In over a decade of [...]

Candace Kearns Read

I grew up in Los Angeles with a passion for writing and naturally gravitated toward screenwriting. After getting a degree in Dramatic Writing from NYU, I worked in the film industry for many [...]

Rebecca Bleich

As a history major at Brandeis University I was drawn to learning about different stories from folklore and mythology. Most of my undergrad career was spent hunting down obscure tales and [...]


I love language and how it developed differently in different regions. I majored in International Studies at Oglethorpe University and had the opportunity to live in Austria and in Switzerland [...]


I have always loved the beauty and power of the written word. As a young girl, one of my greatest pleasures was to go to the library and return home with a stack of books. I would immerse myself [...]


My story has always come back to one truth: I love to learn. I grew up in Westfield, NJ and graduated from Westfield High School in 1998. As an English major at the College of the Holy Cross, I [...]

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